Web Server Space Locked Up For 2010

Well for just around 2000 Indian Rupees, I’ve locked up the server space that hosts this blog for another year. Awake & Dreaming will be online and blogging up a storm all through 2010 for my loyal readers….all 6 of you!

I first procured this web space back on Jan 1st 2007 and have been running my blog here ever since then. I tried to pay the invoice three days ago but there was something wrong with the online payment option and so it was only yesterday (today is the final day for making the payment) that I was able to do it properly and I got a confirmation last night on the same. $44 paid for the right to host my blog @ Total Choice Hosting.

So I know that I’ll be blogging here till the end of Jan 2011. And beyond that…we’ll see what happens in the next 12 months. Anyways, I hope you keep coming back.

9 thoughts on “Web Server Space Locked Up For 2010

  1. Shafeeque monne, I thought it was clear. I installed WordPress in this server space that I bought. The initial cost was quite cheep, as they were having a discount for starter packs (700 MB space) at that time, so I got it for less than 2k. And by luck I also got my domain URL for just 100 bucks for the first year (normally Rs.500 a year).

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