Website Server Space Locked For Another Year

My URL having been paid & locked up for one year in November, it was now time for the server space that I use to store the files of this blog. The payment due date being today, I was sent the invoice a few days ago.

Well I just made the payment via credit card for $44 USD which secures my web server space for the next 365 days. That comes to around Rs. 2330. Not bad for a year. I was thinking about paying for a couple of years in a row but I think I might want to change the package I have with them and expand a bit in a year. We’ll see, I have some plans for this website – the blog will stay the same but I might do a few more things along with it. And I will need more webspace for the same.

Anyway rest assured regular readers, the blog will go on as usual. You can expect me to blog on a daily basis for the next year atleast, provided I don’t die or something equally horrendous happens to me.

3 thoughts on “Website Server Space Locked For Another Year

  1. That’s good news. I know I don’t comment much – I have nothing to say about football.. urghhhh…lol But I do lurk here in the background.

    Are you a lurker on mine?

  2. Am I a lurker on yours? Ofcourse not darling. But your posts have become less I suppose you want to spend more time with Jacob and catch up on things at the house. I’m a lonely bachelor and don’t have much else to do in the evenings and on days off. I don’t only write about football darling, there’s tons of other stuff I write about.

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