Week That Was

What a week! Nothing in terms of significance or anything big but just the stuff that I had to go through. I went in to work at my usual shift on Monday, that being, 6:30 pm to 3:30 am. But I had to report back to work at 9:30 am the next morning and hence asked to be left early which I was finally able to do so just before 1 am. I reached home at 1:20 am and went to bed at 1:30 am and could not get out of bed in time so I arranged for my sessions to start only at 10 am. I had to drag myself off to work that morning.

Tuesday was a good day and I got to leave the office at 6:20 pm and even stopped at a small mall to enjoy a chicken burger and Pepsi. Good times! The next 3 days have been so tiring and long that I have had little free time and also have been so tired that I haven’t even blogged much or been online much. Wednesday and Thursday I had to stay back till 8:30 pm and I was wiped by the time I reached home. Friday I was to leave after 7:40 pm but I couldn’t get an Uber (the link was down) or an Ola which I was trying for the very first time. I had to wait till almost 9pm to get outta there via a cab that I called by a more expensive service.

And my health – I fell outta my bed last morning because I felt that something was crawling up my leg. It turned out to be my keys and my asthma inhaler which I had careless left on my bed and I was sleeping on it. Which caused me to have a pain in my lower back and on my thigh. And since I felt down and hurt my right elbow now my elbow hurts as well. And I have a cold and slight sore throat because of that cold and sneezing. So I might just stay back in this weekend as well. Stay in and relax and watch some movies and tv shows. I was planning on going for a movie or something but I guess not.

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