Weekend Flu & Fever

How quickly did my cold escalate into a fever! Friday morning I woke up with a bad old. I took a hot shower before I left for work in the evening but I was still feeling down because of it. Still I didn’t think it would continue till the next day but Saturday I was ill too and decided to stay back for the day. If I did feel better by Sunday I thought I’d go for a movie and lunch somewhere.

But it was not to be; while watching a movie late last night I started feeling the effects of a fever and struggled to go to sleep as I started shivering a bit. Yet I could not muster up enough strength to get up and go switch the fan off or reduce the speed, instead I just wrapped myself tightly in my sheets. This morning it was really bad and I managed to wake up by 9am even though I was awake before that. I switched the fan off and sat at the computer for a while, drinking coffee and eating a light breakfast. By 10:30 am I couldn’t sit up anymore so went to bed and watched three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And then I fell asleep for a while until my mother woke me up to eat lunch. My sister, younger nephew and niece were visiting as well. I did inhalation and then ate some rice and chicken curry. Then it was back to bed for 3 episodes of Star Trek Voyager and more sleep. By 7 pm I woke up and had coffee and medicine. I think the worst is over as I sit here with the fan on a lower speed.

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