Weird Laws In Alberta

1. Building mud huts with straw roofs is illegal. As of 1914, the municipal government of Ponoka declared it illegal to build mud huts with straw roofs due to potential fire hazards.

2. It is illegal to spit on anyone’s property but your own. In Wetaskiwin, if you’re caught ejecting any substance from your mouth on any property that isn’t yours, you’ll find yourself in trouble with the law.

3. In the city of Red Deer, parents will be issued a $50 fine if their child is escorted home by a peace officer after curfew. A $100 fine can also be issued for a second offence.

4. All cyclists must signal intent to turn with a hand gesture. In Edmonton, it is mandatory that all cyclists use mandatory arm signals before turning. Ironically enough, another clause states that cyclists must also keep two hands on the handlebar at all times.

5. It’s considered unlawful to throw a snowball within city limits. What happened to good, old fashioned, Canadian winter fun? In Drayton Valley, if you’re caught throwing a snowball within city limits, you can find yourself in trouble with the law.

6. Owning a pet rat is illegal. Province wide, throughout all of Alberta, owning a pet rat is considered illegal. That’s one law not a lot of people will end up breaking.

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