Weird Scifi Dream Involving My Cousins

I had this weird dream last night. Raju (real name Balakrishnan), Appu (Shekar), Monu (Shanker) & I were going on a spaceship to meet a family on another planet. Along for the trip was a vicious looking alien being & a little kitten! The purpose was to meet this family and who’s daughter I was planning on marrying. So it was a traditional Indian meeting of the proposed bride & groom. So we went there and I met the young lady and then I spoke to Raju and we agreed that she was too young for me.

Before we were to leave the girl’s mother & other relatives wanted to show us their land – farm land, trees, cattle etc. So we were touring their large property when suddenly we heard screams. A large group of terrifying looking gorillas were attacking us. There were huge! We were trying to run back to the safety of the house or our spaceship when a few gorillas hit Appu & me and we got injured. And then we were rescued – the alien we had on board & the little kitten came to our aid and battled off the gorillas, killing off many of them. It was a bloodshed and after about 10-15 of the gorillas were killed by them, the rest ran off.

So Raju & Shankar helped me and Appu back to the spaceship and got us into the medical room. The kitten was badly injured too, so we put him in a coma to help heal his injuries but the alien died due to heavy blood loss and so we had a funeral for it before we left back for earth! Crazy dream right?

Now I dunno, if the kitten was allegory for another cousin Jayakrishnan who’s nickname is Kithen – but what do you think?

I swear I wasn’t drinking or smoking weed or taking LSD last night!

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