Weird Things To Be Careful About When Visiting Oman

Don’t wear inappropriately short clothes : The people of Oman are conservative and modest. Being mostly Muslims and following their values and culture, they have traditional outfits to wear in public as well as inside their houses. Omani men usually wear the dishdasha which is a long piece of white or colored cloth that covers them, slippers and kumah, which is their traditional cap. Women wear a colorful dress with a matching scarf, and put a black abaya on top. Visitors are welcome to wear the Omani traditional outfits, but they don’t have to.

Don’t speak or laugh loudly in the street : Omanis are one of the most friendly and welcoming people on Earth. They love to get to know new people. Omanis have special places called “Majilis” or “Sabla” where they come together, talk to each other and share happy and sad news. Therefore, it is not very common for them to gather in the streets and talk loudly, which might disturb their neighbors and the elderly.

Don’t drink or consume drugs : Oman has a conservative Muslim and Arabic Culture, which doesn’t easily accept people who drink alcohol. It’s true that there is alcohol in Oman, but it is only found in hotels, and people don’t usually drink in public. As for taking drugs that are not for a certain illness, they are absolutely illegal. Taking unprescribed drugs is a rejected behavior and socially –unacceptable. Omanis also love to maintain a prosperous community that cares for each other, so exhibiting such behavior will be disrespectful to the Omani values and morals.

Don’t disrespect mosques : Mosques are houses of God. Omanis, as Muslims, use them to pray, read Quran, learn about Islam and worship God. Oman is home to some of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Some of these mosques allow non-Muslims to take tours in them at certain times. Visitors must understand the sacredness of these places and avoid disrespecting them. This means that they must take off their shoes before they enter the mosques, dress conservatively inside them, and women must cover their heads. Moreover, they shouldn’t speak loudly or laugh inside mosques, or let their kids run around and make noises. They also must maintain the cleanness of the mosque.

Don’t mock Omani traditions : Oman is a very rich culture with its unique heritage and traditions. Omanis take pride in their accomplishments and their struggle to build their country under the Sultan Qaboos. That’s why visitors must never mock their leader, or their history. Furthermore, Omanis have developed their own habits and traditions that reflect their beliefs, like their clothes, hospitality and morals. All of these things represent an original and unique part of their personality and character, and thus, must be appreciated and respected.

Don’t reject hospitality : The Omani hospitality or the Omani Qahwa is a traditional way of inviting people for Omani traditional food, coffee and sweets. Whether friends, family or strangers, Omanis enjoy inviting people to their houses. Visitors should accept Omanis invitations when they can, because it makes the Omanis happy. They should also accept their gifts of dates, Omani food and frankincense. It makes Omanis feel appreciated by their visitors and assures that they enjoyed their stay in Oman.

Don’t flirt with women : The Omani society, as a Muslim society, treats women as precious creatures, and thus would never forgive anyone who looks at them or talks to them in any disrespectful way. So, all visitors must never insult women or try to flirt with them.

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