Well I Am Here

So I am here in Gurgaon. I woke up early by 5.45 am and sat at the dining room table drinking coffee till 6.30 am when I went to take a shave and a shower. Once that was done and I was about to get dressed my cab driver called me to ask for directions to my building. I guided him and then went for breakfast. Post breakfast I got ready and put on my shoes and said goodbye to my mom and dad.

The drive from my apartment to the airport took just about 45 mins even with two quick stops on the way; one for buying a small bottle of coconut oil and another for getting mine from an ATM. I paid the cabbie and waited for my colleague to reach. We then checked our luggage and then got our boarding pass and waited at the lounge area. We met a Dutch woman who was here in India on a one month holiday (she has seen more places in India in a month than most Indians have in a lifetime) and had met my colleague’s mother. As she was on the same flight to Delhi we spoke to her for an hour before we had to board our flight.

We took our seats and the flight took off. We were flying on a SpiceJet plane with pretty air-hostesses in orange blouses and jeans. By noon they served us our lunch and it was a quick, veggie sandwich and water for me. We reached Delhi early and a cab was waiting for us. A 25 minute ride later we reached our hotel and were showed to our rooms. I washed and had coffee by 5pm and an omelet and settled back to watch some tv before the 7pm FA Cup match on tv. Its been a nice day though the hotel does not look as nice as it does on the website pics. And the food prices are astronomical.

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