Went Shopping Today & Had A Beer

It’s been a long time since I went shopping for personal things – April was the last time – and I had almost forgotten that it can be a bit of fun. Well, I was due for a bit of shopping and as I had to buy a couple of shirts that’s what I did today. After I woke up at around 9 am I lazed around post coffee and breakfast and just watched Youtube videos until 11:20 am when I went to the bathroom for a dump, shave and a shower. By 12 pm I was outta the house.


So nothing too fancy but I also wanted to get some money out of the bank and get some coffee and a sandwich for lunch. Oh a perhaps a beer! So lunch was a cold chocolate coffee and a Mozarella chicken sandwich. After shopping for shirts at Men’s Studio, I went to good ole Couchyn bar and had a Kingfisher Gold beer. Feels so good to have a beer after such a long time. Bad thing is Couchyn has increased their prices for everything. Asshole Kerala government’s doing creating issues with beer & liquour and hence bars have increased their prices to ridiculous rates to make a profit. Fuck this country, it’s going to the dumps soon!


Around 3:30 pm after buying some medicines and some snacks for tea I came back home. Here’s a pic of the three shirts I bought today.


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