We’re Not Gonna Take It

I work with some major assholes who head some of the other departments. They go back on their word when it suits them and will deviate from any agreement made at the beginning of the month and expect me to adjust to it. And then they want to adjust even more and no problem what happens to the performance of my department. It has been that way from the onset.

Today they wanted the Quality team and the Training department to be ready to drop everything we are working on and come running to their aid since they are such jerk-offs and can’t arrange anything properly themselves but pretend that they are above everyone else. Both the guy heading Quality & myself (I head training) will not bow to them and said that we will do things as normal since we get so little support from them back. That sure left their knickers in a twist! Well, you know what! I don’t give a fuck!

2 thoughts on “We’re Not Gonna Take It

  1. LOL Roshan! Don’t hold back, tell us how you feel :-D

    Despite the jerkwads messing up your life, I hope you have merry holidays and that you take the time to celebrate a little?

    xoxo from Canada!

  2. These buggers keep pissing the rest of us off.

    Well, except for the 25th and the Sunday, I will be working everyday. We don’t get a few days off like most people do in the West. I was not planning on working on the 1st of Jan but that remains to be seen.

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