We’re Not Off To Never, Never Land

Have you ever fallen asleep in public? On the train on the way home maybe, or laying on the beach perhaps? Do you consider sleeping in public embarrassing, or dangerous, or just relaxing fun?

On long or overnight train / bus journeys you can’t help but fall asleep as your body need that rest that it deserves. But I am one of those people who finds it very awkward to sleep in public. Not that I haven’t but I find it very hard to relax and hence if I am in a bus or train and am traveling at night time I rarely get a good nights sleep. Though I do nod off for a few minutes or even a couple of hours at a stretch it usually is very far from relaxing.

I find it strange that I can’t do that. Some people get into a  bus and if it’s a trip over an hour, they go to sleep almost as soon as their bums hit the seats – how can you do that so quickly? Were you like waiting for the bus journey to catch up on your beauty sleep? Or on trains, they get in and take their seats and go to sleep immediately only waking for the conductor when he comes to check the tickets and when it is time to get down at their station. I suppose seasoned passengers have it all down timed to a routine.

Me, I’d have to be really tired to do so and I also hate the fact that due to my nose problem I tend to snore a bit and that is an embarrassment waiting to happen. I have fallen asleep in a theatre once; I was very tired and started snoring a bit loudly and my friends shook me awake as people were staring! That was blush worthy!

Prompt from The One-minute Writer!

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