What A Blogger Must Have

mindbump suggested by Gates’ Claptrap“What are 5 character traits needed to be a successful blogger/writer?”

I am in no ways an expert or a successful blogger. I have a personal blog that has at best a handful of regular readers. So what do I know? Still if someone were to ask me what are the 5 character traits needed to be a successful blogger, I would say:

  • A good command over your chosen language and a good vocabulary helps
  • A keen sense of observation – sometimes the best posts are about the small things/news
  • It helps if you have a ton of resources of the topics you want to blog about. Get your facts straight the first time and that will lend a lot of credibility to your blogging. And if by chance some wrong information slipped past your notice, correct it and admit the mistake.
  • Integrity – Do not blog for others or follows trends. Stick to what moves you, what you are passionate about. Your readers will know if you are faking it and will leave.
  • Imagination – you have the tools, the resources, the best web server, the best blogging platforms, the latest trendy themes, a vast vocabulary and a command over the language; you need to back it up with a good sense of imagination. Humour helps as well but imagination is the best asset to complement the tools!

No go get blogging!

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