What A Hot Day

And today was a very hot & sunny day designed to make you want to stay inside a giant meat freezer and bath in ice & water. Energy sapping, sweat inducing; to those women who think / say that they never perspire, they only glow – fuck you princess, you would have perspired a bucket load or two today if you ventured outside in this miserable heat! I had two meetings with friends and I also had to drop of my resume at a couple of places. First thing I did was go to the first place, drop of my resume and then head for some cold coffee and a sandwich at Fort Cafe. I tried the new salami chicken sandwich – looks like the chicken was anorexic or something! Miserable, thin sandwich with little filling that did nothing for me. And priced at Rs.110 –  that is highway robbery guys.

Then onto the next place. I went dropped off my resume for a totally different job but hey good pay and I have my fingers crossed. Working freelance isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! I’m ok for another month or so but after that it will be tough goings. Ok so that done, I went to check out some discount dvds and bought 3 of them. Then I got a call that the first meeting was cancelled so I had a long wait time until I met the second friend. This was at 2:30 pm and so I did a little window shopping until it was time to meet Binny at Cafe Coffee Day. When he called me on reaching Shenoy’s Junction I was deep in meditation – starring at some blu ray collections at Music World.

No sooner did Binny and I entered Cafe Coffee Day when the power went out over there, meaning no air conditioning. Even if they did have power these miserable buggers don’t switch on the ac until a customer goes and demands it. Anyways we found a small table seating two and exchanged pleasantries, not having met for more than 20 months by my count. I had a few files that he wanted, Babylon 5 seasons 1-3 and 3 of the movies, which he proceeded to copy from my portable hard drive onto his Dell Vostro. While there he had a Tropical iceberg cold coffee while I ordered a Strawberry iced tea and a bottle of water. I must say that the ice tea tasted like a watered down version of icy cold cough syrup!! By 3:40pm we left CCD and I came back home, all tired out and dead thirsty and sleepy.

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