What Are My Hobbies?

What are your hobbies?

I always seems to have some hobby or the other and a couple of them are very, very common. I wish I could do more though but I really do not have the time. Anyways, let’s look at the big 4.

Blogging:- Big duh! I love blogging and I love reading other people’s blogs. I do not attract a large number of regular viewers who are restricted to a handful of of true loyalists. Some of them even frequently comment on my blog posts. I used to try and track down people who seem to regularly visit (using Feedjit) and by that I mean, it only shows you the town or city but it can’t be a coincidence that many people from a small town keep visiting your blog. I’m pretty sure that some of the people visit frequently but do not comment. Whoever you guys are, please start commenting.

Oh and I blog about everything and anything that interests me but I usually blog about music, movies & tv series, hockey & football and stuff that I do and stuff that goes through my mind. Not all the stuff that goes through my mind; I have to censor some of them or you will all be shocked! Shocked people!!!

Listening to music: Music is the sole reason why I haven’t blown out my brains or jumped from a bridge. It keeps me sane. I have a huge collection of music ripped into mp3s and I love my collection. I want more ofcourse but what I do have is great. I have a varied interest in genres but there is no room for boybands, dance music, rap, hip-hop, Malayalam semi-classical or Bollywood music. I don’t play any instruments or taken any lessons on singing. I usually sing out loudly in the safety of my room but have gotten up on stage on a few occassions; the last one being in 2007 which was very memorable and a highlight for me. I also love rockumentaries which is a fine art IMHO!

Movies & tv series : – collecting them is a hobby right. I love to keep a copy of my favourite movies and tv series and keep a nice large collection of them. I’m restricted to mostly keeping digital copies of these movies which I download online via torrents but I do go and buy some dvds. A 3rd of my movies are on dvds which I play on my laptop and occasionally on the large screen tv / dvd player in the living room. Blu Ray is out of the question at the moment. I love scifi and am a huge Star Trek fan. I also love horror, comedy, romance, drama and action movies. I’m more of a tv series fanatic because with a tv series you can really dig deep into the characters, history, plots and such, especially for Scifi stuff, which I like. But yeah I’m into movies a whole lot too.

Collecting DVDs of my fav tv shows & movies : – This is more recent hobby and the most expensive one. I started buying my own dvds back in late 2018. I had started to feel guilty about torrents and thought other than streaming, I should have another option to do something legal and get my own copies. So I thought I’d buy a few from Indian websites but I had started to get some money from blogging. I put a lot of that money that I earned (I never use my salary for this hobby) and I have amassed quite a decent collection. I also have a few Funko pops as well.

Prompt from 113 IDEAS FOR A BLOG POST at ThirteenThoughts.com

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