What Are Some Plus POints To Being Single?

If you’re single, share something you love about it! 

Now I am not saying which is better. That is for each person to decide. However if you have read my blog for a while, you will know what I think about being single and being married. Anyways, since the prompt if about the things that I love about being single, let’s only look at the positive things about being a single guy.

You can easily stay in touch with friends. Trust me, it is easier for single men or women to be in touch with their friends, plan dinners out or drinks at a bat than it is for their married/married with kids friends. It’s hard to find the time to do much when you have a spouse and child to consider.One of the best things is planning a quick, on the spur of the moment night out with your buddies without having to check with anyone else.

Movie night selections, tv shows that you binge watch & music that you listen to is all yours to choose. I know a friend who has to listen to his heavy metal bands on the earphones only as his Karnatic Music trainer wife cannot stand to hear that music played loudly. And vice-versa! I pick and choose my movies that I watch over the weekend by Thursday and plan for tv shows to watch & rewatch all the time. No selection headaches, no compromises and no issues.

Making a decision for yourself will be less complicated. Now, I haven’t moved out of my hometown because of my parents but had the offers I received been really good (aka a really good salary that will afford me to life my lifestyle while also helping my parents) then I would have perhaps made the move to Bangalore or Chennai or Delhi a few years ago. Others can surely thrive if travel and moving is your decision alone.

Choosing the food to eat, the drink to drink is solely at your discretion. Today you don’t want to cook but want to order a pizza? Done. Chinese instead of the Indian cooking? Ofcourse. No time for checking to see what you can make at home so instead a burger and chicken wings? Why not? You pick the drinks and the food and you decide which day what you want to eat. Also guys tend to be a little bit more adventurous than women in general and may want to try some weird or odd combinations.

Prompt from 100+ Writing Prompts & Blog Post Ideas for September at Pretty Opinionated

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