“What Are Your Intentions?”

I’ve been searching for a new job for the past couple of months. Although I haven’t found one yet I believe that the search will end soon as I am tired of searching for one. However I would like to share a few interesting things that have happened during an interview that I have attended in January:

I attended the preliminary rounds, two to be exact, at a company quite near my residence on Dec 24th. A few weeks later I was called in for the final 2 rounds and was told that I was one of the 5 finalists for the post. I was quite hopeful that I would get the job and since I had been doing a very similar kind of work for almost 3 years in the very same industry, I was quite confident that I could well if selected. I waited for a long time in the lobby for the final round, with the owner/Managing director of the firm and while sitting there I noticed that there were a bunch of Christian Trends magazines lying on the coffee table! The owner/MD and some of the top brass there are devout Pentacostals and I was told by a friend who knows them well that to be careful. When I met the MD he asked me, rather roughly, “Why are you not married at the age of 35?”

I felt that was quite a personal question and none of his business to ask me that question. I replied something that seemed to satisfy him as he went on to other questions. But the nerve of that asshole! Anyway, they selected someone from within their organization.

Have you had someone ask you such an inappropriate question during an interview? He was quite gruff when asking me some of the questions as if I would violate some of the women at his office being a bachelor myself – that’s my my friend says that the MD asked me that to check if I would have any plans to play the field with women staff at the firm and that’s how this guy thinks. I thought that was a lame reason, if it actually was true. 

4 thoughts on ““What Are Your Intentions?”

  1. In Australia laws were brought in a few years ago making it illegal to ask personal questions like that. You are only allowed to ask questions now that are directly relevant to the position. That was a really inappropriate question to ask you. I hope you have better luck somewhere else.

  2. I love Meleah’s assertive sentence. And I agree.
    Selma we need a law like that over here but the corporate employees won’t ask such a stupid question. This was a private firm hence the BS.

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