What Can Older People Learn From Your Generation?

What Can Older People Learn From Your Generation?

Judging this solely from an Indian/Keralite perspective. I think the older generation can learn tolerance from my generation. For other cultures, people, races, languages, art, movies and music. There is this feeling of “western music (namely all genres of pop, rock, metal etc) is only for foreigners and that it will never compare to the “glory” or “grandeur” of Indian music – bollocks! It all depends on your tastes and what kind of music most “speaks” to you as you grow up and not the region or language or instruments (but we all know that rock n roll is the very best!). And as for devotional music – kissing the ass of imaginary creatures who are “so great and we are all shit” is not my idea of good music.

They can also learn to accept new food & dishes that were unknown to them till now. Just because it’s not Indian doesn’t mean that it’s automatically bad for you. No, you will not start raping women after lustfully chowing down some chicken chow mein. That is just plain ole bullcrap! Expand your palate and try out new food. You have a short existence on this earth and there are way too many delicious food that you will never get to try before you die.

Also stop treating your daughters like there are mere “delivery vessels’ for your grandchildren. You do not have to marry them of by the time they turn 18 and worry why this daughter of yours, who you forbade from talking to strangers all the years she was with you, has now failed to get pregnant a mere month after getting married to a stranger of your choice!!! Grow the fuck up! And if your son can choose a girl of his own to marry so can your daughter.

Prompt from The Learning Network Blog at New York Times.

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