What Do You Like In A New Place?

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

Everything I guess. The sightseeing is ofcourse a big must. I want to see all the buildings, the stores, the malls, the stadiums and the architecture of all the cities I go to. What kind of big buildings do they have? What are the landmarks? Are there any interesting & awesome structures around? What about the hangout places and the places that everyone likes to go to be seen?

The food is essential. When I was much younger I had this fear of getting sick from eating food in a new place. Like when I travel to outside the state and we happen to eat meat from a city or town there, will the preparation style clash with my tummy and leave me hogging the toilet. I remember back in the 19th grade we went on a long trip to Kodaikannal for 3 days from our school. I refused to eat anything other than biscuits and bread for breakfast, rice & curd with a little veggies for lunch and either bread or chappathis for dinner with a veggie stew. All three days. While my classmates hogged on chicken and fish. I became a bit more liberal about my choices in my 20s and now can’t wait to try local delicacies in a new place.

The people watching is another fun thing. You know a place is amazing when you see a lot of hot chicks everywhere. Some eye candy, some sight for sore eyes is very important in each place that you go and I always associate other cities & towns by the hot women I have seen/met there. So bring on the people watching. It’s awesome!

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