What Do You Worry About?

What does a guy my age worry about?

  • I worry about losing my job, or something happening to it, without a backup in place and struggling for one
  • I worry about health & illness – my folks and mine
  • I worry about death
  • I worry that I will die without finding real happiness
  • I worry about money
  • I worry that I will end up alone
  • I worry that a war will break out and we’ll all get in trouble
  • I worry that stupid dance music, rap, Bollywood music, Tamil music & crappy pop is slowly closing in on me
  • I worry that all them fucking religious fundamentalists & terrorists will blow up  the entire goddamn planet!

5 thoughts on “What Do You Worry About?

  1. I too worry about pop music and terrorists. I also wish I knew what to do about either one of them!

    I also really worry about society’s obsession with appearance over actual content. Sigh.

    This is why people drink, I’m sure of it! LOL

  2. I am a chronic worrier. I worry a lot about people living in poverty and how tough life is for them. I also worry about the environment a lot. And the hold corporations have on all of us. I could worry all day if it was warranted. It’s a difficult time to live in.

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