What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?

I’ve stated this before but I’ll do it again. I am a simple guy with some needs. I want a nice place to call my own. I want either a medium sized house or a nice big apartment. If it is a house, I’d want a 3 bedroom + common space first floor and the below level will be a large sitting room, kitchen, dining hall, den (library plus computer room with books, cds, dvds and blurays). Nicely decorated and furnished with comfy sofas, recliners & beds. A couple of large flat screen tvs and dvd players. High speed internet all the time. A wife (hot and sexy). A nice lawn, some plants, barbecue grill out back &. A couple of dogs and cats.

Financially secure with some playing money to boot. For some shopping, having fun, drinks & dinner with friends and maintaining the library. And being able to buy the latest in laptops, tablets, smartphones at any time I want to. And ofcourse if it is a large apartment instead of a house, everything is the same except for the lawn, plants & I hope they allow us to raise dogs & cats indoors. And lots of money, good health and the peaceful, easy living of not bothering others, living a happy & content life without society or religion butting their heads in my life.

Simple? I think so. That’s all I want and need to “have it all”!

One thought on “What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?

  1. Sounds great. Having it all to me means similar things – my own houser, not having to worry about every cent, feeling less stressed and above all, peace of mind. I hope we both get to the places we want to be, Roshan!!

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