What I Love About My Home Town

I’m actually going to talk about Thrikkakara, a suburb of Cochin, where I lived with my family from the age of 11 till the age of 30 as my hometown. Thrikkakara a place which most of my relatives loved and came to associate it as the place of my sister & I, was this dead quite little place. For a lack of a better description, I used to tell people that it was the gap in the road that serves as a connecting point between the industrial area of Kalamaseery and Edapally toll junction which leads on to more residential areas and then towards the main part of the city.

When we first started living there my mom used to complain that if someone gets murdered and is screaming in agony while being killed, not a soul will know. That’s because we had so few neighbours at first. It was much later that more houses were built and people started living there. Anyways, here’s what I loved about the place; it was much quieter than where I live now. Lots more peaceful and hardly any traffic on the small road in front of us. Plus we had a lot of trees and greenery around.

Compared to a lot of the other areas of the city, or even the state, it was quite cool. Weather wise; in the other sense, yeah it was as dull as watching paint dry. I do not remember the town being too hot even on the hottest days. Also we didn’t have much of a mosquito problem unlike the city area where I live in now. Sheesh, we have a bad mosquito problem here. I never used to use mosquito coils or repellents in my room in the house in Thrikkakara. That was so much better. Ofcourse instead there was a rat problem but that is another story. Atleast the rats can’t fly! So that’s what I loved about Thrikkakara.

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6 thoughts on “What I Love About My Home Town

  1. And what you loved the most about Thrikkakara. Living close by to yoiur favorite cousin Shalini

  2. Hmmm… would have thought you would find the city life more entertaining with the ‘urban’ crowd, bright city lights, shops n establishments being more accessible…but i guess haven’t lived in the city so guess the glitter of the city lights fades with time … so what persuaded you to leave thrikakkara anyway….

  3. @ George – I guess I mostly stated the good points of living there. I prefer living in the city area but I wish it were cleaner & quieter than it actually is. Plus the worst thing about living in Thrikkakara was my horror of a cousin, Shalini, who lived two houses away.

    In truth we had to sell our house due to financial issues and moved to a smallish apartment in the city. But I don’t regret the move.

  4. Horror of a cousin??? Tch tch tch… U shud not be lying online. I have proof of you proclaiming that I am ur fav cousin…

  5. Hehehe – I just said that to get you off my back. You are a terrorist of the worst kind :)

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