What I Miss About My Childhood

Innocence. Every evening s a kid what was the most pressing thing on your agenda at 7pm? For me it was what cartoons I could watch and what was for dinner that night! Now, at 7pm I wonder how much longer am I going to be stuck at the office.

I miss the fun weekends that I used to enjoy with my cousins. We played football and cricket during the days that we spent together. We went for milkshakes, burgers & ice creams in the neighbourhood of Mattancherry. We rented movies that all of us could watch together as a group. We exchanged books to read & music tapes to listen to. Oh how I miss the evening sessions we had – one stereo system playing out the rock hits of that time while the bunch of us (12-15 of us) sat in this big room we shared in my grandmother’s house.

We would be fresh from baths we took after a hard day of playing hard and sore feet and tired souls that we were, we rested the evening so we could play more the next day. I remember the games we played in the evenings – dumb charades, quiz competition, monopoly, scrabble, carroms & cards! Oh I remember the card games. Those days will never come back again.

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