What I Want In My Coffeeshop

As most of you readers know, I love coffee. For the others, just click on the category named Coffee and you will know.

I enjoy my cup, whether hot or cold, and I like taking my time with it, unlike a lot of people who just gulp it down in a couple of seconds (how do they do it with hot coffee, I shall never understand). What I want in my coffeeshop is excellent coffee in various different styles. Some cookies, brownies & little snacks to go along with the coffee. A tasty looking menu that has actual images of the type of coffee that are available. Lush carpeting or wooden paneling. Comfy sofas and chairs with neat tables. Attentive & knowledgeable waiters. Decent pricing (I don’t mind spending premium cost on the coffee if its good).

Ofcourse the coffeeshop must be in a easy to reach location. Must be air-conditioned and roomy. Should be big enough that it doesn’t get crowded if 20 people are sitting at table there. And oh, even more important than the coffee’s taste – do not play stupid Hindi music or dance music and certainly do not play recordings of 3rd rate Indian bands trying to murder rock classics! It was so bad today at Cafe Coffee Day.

2 thoughts on “What I Want In My Coffeeshop

  1. Problem here is, we don’t drink it walking. But I really like the quieter days @ CCD where I can sit back and relax with a book & my ipod. Some days it just isn’t worth it.

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