What If All The Streets Were Rivers?

What if all the streets were rivers? What would be different?

Have you seen the movie Waterworld? I guess live would become a lot like that. Unless you mean only the streets were rivers and the rest of the land is intact and above sea level. Well, we would have vehicles that are more like boats. What are the water scooters called? See doos? Those will be all the range as well as motor boats. I guess you will also have foot pedal boats as well.

We’d have to be a lot more careful with the traffic as these boats are much bigger. But guess in this alternate world we would have smaller boats more like cars that can go on water. That would be nice. So imagine if your car can ride on water! I guess we’d have to be really careful not to splash all that water onto pedestrians that go on the pavements and to other vehicles and stores.

How will pedestrians cross the street? That one is a mystery but I guess we will have a section of the pavement that you stand on and press a button and it will float on the water and take you across the street. Maybe! Sounds interesting.

Prompt from Lalilo March ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo.com

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