What If Social Media Died Tomorrow?

If social media died tomorrow, describe a hobby you might get into.

Ha, well I am old enough to remember a time without the internet being as easily accessible as it is now. But like a lot of people my age or older or younger, I am on social media a lot of the time. But since I know of a different time, I would have a lot of free time on my hands. Wait….is Youtube considered Social Media? Oh then even more free time.

I guess I would read a lot more books. More novels for sure. I’d also play and listen to a lot more music. Kinda like what I did before I got internet at home (2006) and social media. I think pre-2006, on a day spent solely at home, I would average between listening to 3 to 5 albums on my cd player. Or cassettes when I only had cassettes. But yeah I would play a lot more music; I used to play an album from beginning to end whereas I now only play songs.

I would also watch a lot more movies and tv shows. Rewatching all that I want to rewatch as well. I guess that’s all that I would do. Oh, and I would watch a lot more live football matches whenever they are playing.

Prompt from 30 June Writing Prompts at Mamakatslosinit.com

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