What If You Never Existed?

Have you ever thought about this? What if you were never born? And what would life be like for your family & close friends if you never existed? I have thought about that and you know what? It can’t be that bad for them!

After my sister was born my dad & mom waited 6 years before having me. My sister could have easily be an only child. I suppose my folks would be living here, just the two of them in a house or in an apartment like this one, eating dinner and watching crappy shows & reality tv before going to sleep. Not much would change there but my mom’s obsession with ‘pissing me off’ would not exist.

How many friends & acquaintances would have their lives changed or be less good if I never existed? Would they go about their lives thinking subconsciously that something is missing! Some spice is missing in their lives. Some pizazz, some sizzle and some sexiness. Seriously, how many people’s lives would be less of a life without you in it? That’s something to think about.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Get some coffee, play some music in the background, sit by the window and think about it. If atleast a couple of people’s lives would be poorer without you, then everything is worth it. If now, might as well go jump out that window!

3 thoughts on “What If You Never Existed?

  1. If you had never existed then your blog wouldn’t exist either and I wouldn’t have your posts to come and read. Of course there are always other blogs to read but I like yours and I like you!

    If I never existed then there would be none of my family left, other than my offspring I have no relatives left!

  2. Aww.. Ok, then I better keep existing! Thanks LB, that’s actually a very sweet thing to say. I love you and enjoy reading ur blog.

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