What If Your Roof Needs To Be Repaired?

Is it better to repair or replace a roof?

If the roof shows minor wear, it probably only needs repair work, especially if it’s years away from its date of expiration. If the damage is more widespread, you are more likely to need an entirely new roof. Even a simple roof repair Calgary, can seem needlessly expensive. With no moving parts or complex circuits, roofs give the impression that they should be simple and inexpensive to fix and even replace. However, while much of the work may be fairly straightforward, it still takes expertise and quality materials to finish a sturdy, safe and reliable roof. Materials, labor and insurance costs are the factors that drive roof repair prices through the roof.

To repair a leaky roof:


  • Locate the Roof Leak. Start at the lowest point in the roof leak, such as a ceiling stain, and work your way upward.
  • Examine Roof Vents.
  • Remove Damaged Roof Vent.
  • Replace Roof Vent.
  • Tear Off Old Roofing Shingles.
  • Remove the Old Roofing Paper.
  • Mark the Deck Cut Area.
  • Cut Away Damaged Roof Deck.

Homeowners insurance may cover roof damage, depending on what caused the damage. For instance, homeowners insurance may help cover the cost of repairs if hail or a fallen tree damages your roof.

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