What Is A Life Well Lived To You?

What is a life well lived to you?

I know a full life or successful life or whatever you want to call it means different things to different people. For me it’s pretty simple : it’s having done all the things that you’ve ever wanted to do and having them mean as much (or more) to you once it was done as before it actually happened!

Confused? Simple, if you want to do something it means a good deal to you. Once you have completed doing it, it – the result or just the fact that you have completed doing it – should mean a whole lot more! Suppose, you have wanted to get married to the girl of your dreams. Getting married to her and having a wonderful and successful & happy marriage that is even beyond your expectations with both of you having worked at it, will mean a lot more! That’s what I mean. Don’t just restrict it to marriage, employ that thought! Visiting Paris a big dream? Going to Paris and having a wonderful time should mean even more.

So if I had a handful of things or 50 or 100, getting them done and having it mean a lot more to me would be my idea of a full life / successful life. I still have ….75% of the things that I want to do left to be done. I have some big ticket items that are all on the backburner. I hope I get to do 50% more before I kick the bucket, whenever that is.

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