What Is Your Greatest Fear?

I have this fear that I will not have be able to get out my current situation. That I will always be just a lonely, fat guy. Who stays alone in his room for most of the time, clicking away in search of something to keep his mind occupied and to while away the time, drinking cups after cups of black coffee. And the greatest fear is of living all alone, without a woman to keep me company, growing old alone and waking up one morning and suddenly realizing that I am old, retired, haven’t achieved anything, living in a small place, with nothing to look forward to but advancing age & a slow death.

So, what is your greatest fear?

5 thoughts on “What Is Your Greatest Fear?

  1. I guess I fear living in a world where I see no possibilities… that would be just hell.

    Roshan, only you can change your life. Are you looking for inspiration to take the first step?

  2. The inspiration should be your own life… your future.

    My fiance Vegas (I’m sure you know him from my blog!), in his mid-20’s, suffered a major depression and ate himself to a huge 350 lbs man, never left the house, played video games and ate junk food and was on meds, etc.

    One day, he got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, went to seek an NLP therapist, reprogrammed his brain, divorced his wife, started training in martial arts (tai chi mostly), ditched the junk food and the meds, moved to a new town to get a new perspective on life, changed his job…

    It took years to transform himself into the man that he is today but he never regretted a day of the hard work it took.

    I admit I would never have been attracted to the man he was then, but now… he is reborn. He’s fit and trim, he’s enthusiastic about life and the world, he knows to stay away from things that drag him down… he met me, fell in love, moved to a new continent to follow his dream.

    Everything paid off, for life-lasting happiness :-)

  3. I think its an amazing story. I will try and do something about it. I think he has done the best he can for himself and for u :)

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