What Is Your Ideal “ME” Time?

Me time is doing things that I love to do. I would love to be left alone. I want my laptop with me so I can do whatever I want on it. Blogging, watching Youtube, playing music and checking out various things online. I also might do a videochat with a friend or my cousins. I love catching up with them and with the various vlog channels that I follow.

I need music; my fav blues, rock, metal and other music that I tend to follow. Some country, some instrumental but mostly rock n metal. I could use some beer to chug down while I relax at home. And then some good food. How about some pizza? Or a cheeseburger and wings? Maybe some Chinese food? Okay and we can also substitute the beer with a vodka & sprite on the rocks from time to time.

Some football on tv or watching a good movie or my fav tv shows. Relaxing in my bedroom. I don’t ask for much but these things do make me relaxed and they are my favourite kind of me time.

Prompt from 30 Blog Post Ideas for November at Grande Life

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