What Is Your Morning Routine?

My morning routine for those days or weeks that I do work a morning shift – like currently for the last week and this one I am working from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm – is very simple.

I wake up by the sound of my alarm, which is the Star Trek The Original Series Theme music by the way, and I try to wipe the tiredness from my eyes and then grimace as I get up outta my bed. Since I sleep in the nude I then get my undershirt and lungi from the chair where I sling it on before I lie on my bed. I switch on the light and then take s swig of water from the bottle that I keep nearby.

I then walk to my bathroom and wash my face and then take a piss. I then brush my teeth and switch my laptop on before I go get a cup of coffee. I then sit at my desk and drink my coffee while watching something on Youtube and/or doing a blog post until it’s time to take a shower and a shave. Then I get breakfast and change and then off I go.

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