What Kind of Robot Would You Want?

What Kind of Robot Would You Want?

In my futuristic view of what humanity will progress / evolve towards (remember my past posts on this futuristic world/universe where humans live on 10 planets and 7 moons in another solar system) we have robots or androids that we created and who are used for multiple purposes. So in this vision of mine we have a few different kinds of robots:

1) The defensive rover / heavy duty robot (also for family use) : remember the not so well received reboot movie Lost In Space from 1996? Well that movie did give me some ideas / influence me for designs of ships and especially – the robot. I envision this large robot with a heavy central section that serves multiple purposes like a view screen when needed and communications link to your ship and or other places. Also they have a glass head with a rotating viewing odes that give it a 360 degree vision. Also it had extendable planks that with a see through protective casing can house your dogs and/or cats when you off world.  This robot can also speak and communicate with you.

Excellent for traveling on alien planets and they hover so no issue traveling on uneven surfaces and even flying over crevasses and across hills or mountains. This makes them very important to get you across rough terrain and especially when you are fleeing from enemy aliens.

2) The humanoid robot: Built in the shape of a human (both male and female) and roughly around the same size & height for various purposes, the humanoid robots are extremely common in most households. It is fairly easy to get house /family humanoid robots which are the most common ones but there are multiple types of them. So let’s look at the various types:

  • house robot – as help around the house, driving you to various places and basically acting as a strong companion to you. In this universe that I envision, every family has atleast one humanoid robot and sometimes 2 or 3.
  • nanny robot – mainly female humanoid robots to help you take care of the kids. Specially programmed to act as nannies for the babies and young children. Families or couples with young kids usually have one or more depending on the number of kid that they have in their family.
  • Starship pilots – mainly programmed to pilot large or medium sized starships and shuttles. Some are only kept for this very purpose and hence do not do much work other than piloting, navigating and maintaining the ships.
  • Public transport robots – similar to the pilots
  • Military grade robots – similar in size and shape but programmed to obey commands of their respective commanders and be deployed in missions off world. Programmed to use weapons for offensive and defensie purposes and also drive military grade vehicles.

That’s what I can think so so far.

Prompt from The Learning Network from The New York Times

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