What Makes Me loans 100 Cry

Lots of things. On the rare occassion, a movie has made me cry. Just two movies (Lucas & Anjali) and the end of an episode in Friends (guess which one). I’ve blogged about them before. Otherwise I have been touched & moved by several films & tv but never actually cried.

Deaths make me cry. Farewells make me cry. I cried when I left my previous job after 4 years & 2 months there. I cried when several of my close friends and team members left the organization before me. I’ve cried when I had to open up and speak about a couple of colleagues making fun of me openly in front of their gang and not even thinking that my feelings could be hurt. I cried when two jobs before, I had also personal loans for people with poor credit leave and move to another office and leave most of my friends behind.

Other than the usual farewells, a couple of affairs of the heart has also made me cry earlier in my youth. Those were hard to get over but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal now. I’ve cried in happiness as well but those are quite rare. When I was able to achieve something after a long period of waiting, wishing and hard work. Those feel so good.

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