What Makes Me Nervous

Long periods of total silence makes me nervous. I like peace and quite but when things are too quite it just is creepy.

Thunder & lightning makes me nervous. Ever since I heard the story of my aunt & cousin having to run as their rented house was hit by lightning and part of the walls collapsed around them one night many years ago, everyone in my extended family are a bit scared of lightning. Especially my mom. I’m nervous about it too.

When my parents are gone for long hours and are late in coming back home. Especially as they both ages, mom is 62 and dad is 72. I worry about them being outside and in trouble.

When things go wrong one after the other, I get nervous. Things start looking gloomy. Also when too many things go well, I get nervous as to when is the axe about to fall on us. I’ve never been very lucky in my life and so I know that more good news is always followed by some bad news.

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