What My City Is Known For

My city, Cochin, is known as the Queen of the Arabian sea. She is known for the beaches, sea food and being a commercial hub. In fact she is the main commercial hub for the state of Kerala. She is known for the many hotels and food that entice visitors and natives alike. She is known for her greenery and big blue skies.

She is known for the Chinese fishing nets that are almost not seen anywhere else. She is known for the costly rents & soon scarcity of available land. She is known for her intelligent people, her burgeoning areas of commerce and congested roads. She is also know for her rains that can really pour down during the monsoon season.

She is known for the open drainage system that is so ridiculous and hazardous. And hence she is also known for some really bad smell in some areas. Also for her MOSQUITOES that plague the city and collect a sizeable amount of blood; enuff to start 10 blood banks. She is known for a population that is slowly becoming younger & dumber, with kids who really need to grow up. She is also known for the heat.

I still love you Cochin! And it’s Cochin, not Kochi!!!

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One thought on “What My City Is Known For”

  1. ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ sounds like a place in a fairytale. I can tell how much you love your city in spite of its drawbacks. I feel the same way about Sydney (even though I complain about it a lot.) There really is no place like home!

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