What My Home Says About Me

I currently live in a small 3 bedroom apartment in Kacheripady with my parents, into which we moved back in 2006 September. So for one it says that I need to move out as soon as I can. One of the bedrooms, the smallest one, is converted to a semi storage room (there’s plenty of space kept like lofts for storage and also has a big shelf for books and other stuff, an ironing board and it’s also where my mom prays. Small but it serves multi purposes.

On it’s left side is the second bathroom, which is what I use for my purposes. It’s not attached or on suite as some people call it and that has it’s disadvantages. And on the right side of that ‘common room’ is my parent’s bedroom, which does have an on suite bathroom. The room is pretty small; it has a steel cupboard and a queen size bed that’s it. Just enough space to walk around the bed. It also has a row of 4 windows.

Next to that is the kitchen, small but more than enough for us. The living room/dinning room is too small but that means that you have great viewing angles from the dining table. We have a 2 seat sofa on one side with a matching 3 seat on the other. On the end near the door we have the big tv and directly opposite the tv are two arm chair sofas. We also have a balcony, enough space for a few small pots, clothes to be hung for drying and when the clothes are not put on the peg, we can also keep a couple of chairs there to watch the sunset.

And then tada we have my bedroom. Its on the right side of the bathroom and my door faces the door of the common room. Ofcourse I have the queen size bed, a small table on which my laptop, speakers, some dvds, 3 external hard drives and various other stuff rests. I also have a steel cupboard in my bedroom and a round clothes rack and a couple of chairs. And that’s about it.

So it’s pink, small but very practical, lets in a lot of light & breeze but mosquitoes too! Its cramped and you don’t get much privacy, you can hear people talking in the living room from everywhere else in the apartment. but it’s home. And I’m liking spending a lot of time here especially if I am alone.

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