What New Hobby Would You Like To Try Out?

Origami – this is something I just admire and would love to be able to master. Such designs with just paper. It looks really cool to do and anyone could learn it if you had the right person teaching you I guess.

Learning to play the guitar – so my biggest regret was quitting guitar classes age 12. And my dream of being the greatest guitar god that ever lived remains a pipe dream. I would love to play guitar with the finesse of the masters. Even just acoustic guitar. Ooo Flamenco guitar is so cool and it’s hard but amazingly catchy.

Drawing & painting – yeah if I only had the discipline to stick with it. I used to draw quite a bit when I was a child till about the age of 14 – all my people had the same faces. I never took any lessons just picked up a pencil and drew. I would love to paint, I hear that it can have a very calming effect on you. Wait – then why do the artists have such tumultuous lives and why are they always shown to be a little insane?

Cooking – more than just a hobby I would like to put this to good use. I wish I could cook for myself some proper meals other than just sandwiches, veggie wraps, eggs or instant noodles! I would love to experiment with food and try out different recipes.

Astronomy – this is one I would like to  take up and I hope to buy a really nice & powerful telescope later in the year. Hopefully I will also see the first aliens landing on earth!

4 thoughts on “What New Hobby Would You Like To Try Out?

  1. You write as well as most of the best selling authors out there! Better than most (hint Twilight and such). I think that is an artistic talent and don’t you forget it.
    One day when you books start selling and you become famous & rich, I’m gonna brag that I knew you from back when you weren’t so famous……and then ask you for a loan of a million dollars!

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