What Summer Looked Like When I Was 16

What Summer Looked Like at 16

So for me the summer when I was 16 was 1992 after my 10th grade after which I went for my 11th & 12th in a college as part of a pre-degree course. I turned 16 on August 2nd 1992. I remember the excitement my classmates and I felt as we wrote our SSLC exams, with our teachers being as nervous as we were and supporting us from the sidelines. I remember speaking to my buddies and saying that I couldn’t wait for the days of not wearing a school uniform and being a lot more free, as pre-degree & then degree in a college was a lot more casual than in school.

On the last day of the exams, I remember that feeling of elation and happiness. No more school! No more uniforms. I loved the friends that I had and I admired and appreciated the teachers that we had but I wanted out as I felt that it meant I was growing up. Once the exams were over, a large group of us hung around and chatted about our plans for the 3 months before our results would be out. By 4 pm we split off into smaller groups heading to our homes, but about 6 of us went to a small shop near our school for some juice and snacks. We stayed together for about an hour, talking about burning our uniforms in a few days.

By 5 pm I was in my room at home and playing music. Enjoying myself and playing my acoustic guitar (which I hadn’t learned how to play properly) and I remember it was to a song by Deep Purple that I was grooving and jumping and broke a string on the guitar. As I calmed down a bit and the excitement of school getting over died down, as the sun set I realized that I would never be with that same group of classmates and friends ever again. That reality hit me like a brick and I came down from my big high. As the days went by I did spend a lot of time with my cousins and some of my friends.

After about a month, I went and joined a 2 month basic computer course in DataPro. I was restless and needed something to keep me occupied and make new friends as well. Besides it was only a couple of hours a day, 4 days a week. So this 2 month course at DataPro seemed like a good option and I had fun there. I got fascinated by computers as well and during my lab hours I would try to make colourful images on MsPaint. Remember that this was back in the Windows 3.x years.

I remember these two very gorgeous girls who were in my classes at Datapro. Their names were Zeena and Geena D’Couto and they were fraternal twins. And my eye was on Zeena but Geena was hot too. I spent much time with them and in the afternoons I would go to the record store nearby and go through the various album releases and check out some of the music at the store. Ofcourse I also went to various places visiting relatives. Those were good times.

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