What Superpower Will I Love To Have And Use

Reveal a superpower you’d love to have and what you’d do with it.

For me one of the superpowers that I would love to have is, the ability to transport myself at the blink of an eye to any place at any time that I want. That eliminates transit, the need to get ready well in time and avoid traffic jams and saves money. I just think that it would be so convenient.

Another one would be the power to heal – injuries, scars, aches & pain. I have issues, my parents have issues, my extended family members have their aches and joint pains and stuff. If I could take all of that away with a touch of my hand or a device, then I would love to have that. Also why just my loved ones; I’d love to do that in every hospital and every clinic and get rid of the pain of everyone. Please get me that superpower and I would do that for everyone.

I would also like the ability to create anything or maybe I should say, the ability to bring anything that I want and can think off appear in front of me. Like a replicator in Star Trek but this is with my superpower and not using technology. So I guess I should say that I would also like the ability to make things appear and disappear with just a thought. Anything at all! And destroy need and want.

Prompt from 31 Blog Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block at Blog.Hubstop

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