What The Holidays Are Like At Your House

Well as I have probably mentioned a few times on my blog, we do not get days off but if the 25th of December & New Year’s day happens to fall on a weekday then you get those days off. This year however, just like last year both fall on a weekend. The 25th & New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday. Pish tosh! So again no extra days off.

I like to watch a few movies around this time that is set around Christmas. Die Hard, Gremlins & Home Alone are my favourites but I might even look into a couple of others this year. I have a list and I will see what I can get to watch. Christmas day I will probably order some good food just like usual and the same will be for New Year’s eve as well. It will be a quite affair. I hope my sister and her family can come and join us for the evenings but sometimes they might go out and perhaps my parents will go with them as well. I do not usually go out, especially nowadays.

And that’s about it. As for the 1st of January, for me, working on the 1st is a no-no and I do not want to work on this day, a pact I have with myself for the past 8 years. I choose the 1st of every new year to spend by myself and do an analysis of the past year, what I did right and what I did wrong and what I want to change for the new year ahead of me. So it’s important for me to take the day for myself.

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