What Things Did You Create When You Were a Child?

What Things Did You Create When You Were a Child?

I really can’t remember much of things I did as a child, I mean other than watch tv and play with my friends. I do remember that I liked to draw a lot. And colour stuff. Yeah, I was a drawer and I filled many, many blank books with my drawings and doodles but that all stopped by the time I was 13-14. Then I started to draw nudes of the hot women I met, imagining what they would look like naked in front of me

But yeah I was a kid who drew a lot, I had a bunch of colour pencils and even water colours and stuff but I never took lessons. My mom and a couple of my aunts wanted me to get lessons in an art institute but that wasn’t for me. That would never have appealed to me at that age but I do wish that I took some lessons. I lost interest by the time I became a teenager and just stopped drawing all of a sudden. I dunno why though!

I also remember trying to make some statue stuff thingy. It comes in a powdered form and you have a rubber stuff like a mold and you add the water and the powder inside the mold thingy and allow it to rest and dry out in a warm place for a few hours and when you remove the mold the powder hardens and forms a statue in the shape of the mold. That had disastrous and comical results and created much mess in my room. So yes you could say I created a lot of mess.

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