What Was It Like 10 Years Ago?

10 years ago, I had no idea that the things that would unfurl during the last 10 years would ever happen. 10 years ago, 2001 what was happening? Well I had just completed a course in e-commerce or still doing it I guess. My biggest pass time was going to an internet cafe 3 times a week, as it was still quite expensive at that time. I still used a lot of floppy disks to carry my data around.The internet connections at that time were quite slow too.

That year was quite tough on my entire family as my uncle passed away. It weighed heavily on us as he had been quite ill 5 years before that but he had gotten better and there wasn’t much sign that he was going to pass away. He just did and it came as a shock to a lot of us. Most of us were hit hard and it took us a while to absorb the loss. A lot of family members kept coming and going to my house and my grandmother’s house.

Around the same time I got into Star Trek again after a gap of a couple of years. This was because Hallmark was showing the entire seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager starting in October of 2001. I saw the ads and got so interested in knowing more about the ship of Starfleet personnel that got lost in the Delta quadrant, a till now unexplored and unknown area of the galaxy to humans. Despite knowing that they have almost insurmountable odds in front of them, the crew bond as a family and make their way back home, facing tough choices and making new friends along the way. I so identified with the show and it remains one of my fav series of all time.

I had no idea what was in store in front of me. I didn’t know that I would tons of bad things and a lot of good things up ahead. There are a lot of things I wish I could have rectified (story of my life) but the positives are so good and I wish I could re-live those highs.

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