What Were Your Favorite Childhood Shows and Characters?

What Were Your Favorite Childhood Shows and Characters?

Tv shows are so vivid & memorable from  the past. Comedies like The Jeffersons, You Again, Two Of Us, The Cosby Show, The Muppet Show, Gimme A Break among others that tickled my funny bone as a kid and these were shows were ones that I watched with my family. And once in a while with my friends.

My craze & love for science fiction started when I was pretty young, too young to understand the concept of scifi. I was 4 years old when I first started watching reruns of Battlestar Galactica. Later on it was V which was the subject of much debate & discssion of pre-teen me and my friends. We were fascinated by aliens and spaceships and the possibility that there were indeed alien races out there was something we thought just had to be. Somewhere in there Star Trek, though in much limited quantities creeped in (unlike my fanatic following of it now).

Other shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider, Knight Hawk, Remington Steele, Moonlighting, Starsky & Hutch, Misfits Of Science, etc were more popular and something that groups of us watched together at the time. It didn’t matter who was watching, all of us loved those shows and enjoyed them equally.

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