What Would Life Be Like At 70?

Q. What do you imagine you will be like at age 70?

At this point in my life, I can’t even imagine living till the age of 70, which is now less than double my age. I am 37 years old after all! I have no clue as to how long I will live to and I don’t imagine I would want to live very long (if things are the way they have been in my life). The way I see  it at the moment I won’t be unwelcome to death if she decides to embrace me tightly and refuses to let go. It might actually be a huge relief for me. But let’s just say that I do live to be the age of 70 which will be in 33 years. What would my life be like, if it continues to be  the way it has been so far?

Well I imagine I would still be living in a small apartment, either this one or one much like it. I might be retired by then or doing some small work. I imagine I would be living all alone with no one with me, just getting on by. My folks would have been long, long gone and they would just be a memories, photos and images for me. Since I live alone I would look forward to visits from my two nephews and niece, who would be in their 40s by then. Hopefully they have great lives and have gotten married and have some children, some grand nephews and nieces for me to dote on as well. I hope my sister and brother-in-law, old as they would have become, 76 years, would also have some time for me say once a month or so.

I hope my closest friends will also be alive and the once in a while meeting them would be what I most look forward to each month or so. But mostly it will be just me, in my small home, cooking for one, living a day at a time, watching tv and going online. So that’s what I think I would be doing at the age of 70.

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