What Would My House Look Like

More & more as I think about it, I don not want a house and would prefer a big apartment. A nice big roomy apartment, maybe even a duplex apartment! Yeah, I have seen some tour videos of duplex apartments and I am so interested in them. But there are some things that you can’t have in an apartment. And in most apartment buildings I know over here, big dogs aren’t allowed. Also it would  be cruel to have a dog in an apartment rather than the house. They need space and some open land in front of them. A lawn or a backyard. So ok, let’s see about a house.

If I were to build or buy a house, I’d want a big fence – to keep my animals from getting out. A lawn out front and some recreational area outside in the back yard. A table and some chair outback so you can have some lemonade or other drinks on a nice evening or even have a proper meal outside. The ground floor would have a formal sitting room with shelves, sofas and a coffee table. Knick knacks and stuff in the shelves to spruce up the place. This is where I would receive guests and have them sit. The dinning room or dining table in an open concept dining room would be towards one end and I like big tables, seating atleast 8 easily. Kitchen will be separate with a laundry room next to it and a pantry behind it. I’d like a nice big den as well. Away from the family room. With a giant flat screen tv, dvd & blu ray player and a big comfy sofa, recliners & foot stools facing them. A desktop computer table in one corner with a big desk and ample storage space and a nice computer chair. I would have a row of black Ikea shelves for stacking up my DVDs & Blu Rays in category & alphabetical order. A gaming system or two would also be nice plus perhaps an old style arcade game or two. Oh and I cannot forget the mini- fridge for the beer and cool drinks!

There would be one guest bedroom in the lower floor and the master and two others in the top floor. A library room filled with books will also be in one corner of the second floor with recliners. And the master bedroom – where the magic happens – huge big king sized bed, night stands, dresser, large tv and dvd/blu ray player, attached bathroom with separate shower, jacuzzi bathtub, separated throne room (get it?) and a balcony with a small table and two chairs for coffee on the balcony. I would share my home with two dogs & two cats, some fish in an aquarium, some birds in a cage as well. But ofcourse most importantly, the house would not be a home without the mistress of the house. Hopefully I would also have a hot wife, with a smoking body, an adoring & loving wife to share in all this homeliness. That would be perfect.

And as I finish typing this, I retire back to my room for my lonely bachelor life!

One thought on “What Would My House Look Like

  1. This is my house & it stands at the top of the hill
    I stand at the backyard & watch the setting sun
    This is my house & its got just a single room
    I sit near the the window all night long
    Oh I love my pretty house

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