What Your Possessions Say

Choose and write about 5 (or 10) possessions that sum up who you are:

1) My Laptop Lenovo G550 – dusty, needs some work & updating, feeling the effects of time and plenty of usage (just like me). Not a top fancy model but sturdy, durable and gets the job done.

2) My BlackBerry Bold 9780 – treasured, waited for so long to get as I was short on cash. Works like a charm but no sooner did I get it then I was pinning for the newer BlackBerry models.

3) My work bad which is actually my Lenovo laptop bag – been put to good use since March 2011 for work and carrying my work related stuff from my place to Koratty and now to my new job much closer to home. I stuff some notepads, a cheque book, some papers, a pen, my spare spectacles, an umbrella, my lunch and boxes of biscuits for emergencies. Needless to say, the bag is not being used for it’s original purpose – to carry my laptop to & fro!! The shoulder pad on the strap is torn and soon the sponge will come out. I need a replacement along with a new laptop. Soon, I hope.

4) Beer glasses – I have 7 now and I don’t keep beer at home! Never! What does that say about me? Well for one, I love beer & beer glasses and I am gonna soon bring beer home.

5) My bed – it’s a queen sized bed and although I am a big guy, I still only lie on one half of it and rarely move to the right half of the bed. I keep a book or two (usually ones that I am currently reading), a couple of dvds of movies that I am soon planning to watch, my earphones and even a bill or two. Plenty of space. I am missing my better half – still waiting for the woman of my dreams to come and share my bed. When will she join me?

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