What’s A Perfect Getaway?

Describe your perfect weekend getaway

Having just had a really nice three day stay in a 4 star hotel (though I struggled to think it is a 4 star but that’s what it was rated) and did a total relaxation and slept a lot and did not stress a little bit. That is not my idea of a perfect weekend getaway.

With the weather that we have – the heat & humidity – an air conditioned enclosed environment is what I love to have. I would like to have a nice breezy place near the ocean if I could but when it gets hot, I would retire into the room and crank up the ac. The thing that could have made it even more awesome was if they had better cable channels so I could watch stuff that I want. Better yet, if they had had a smart tv (if you think that is asking too much, let me tell you this; the 32 in regular flat tv from a big brand company was more expensive than the 32 in smart tv I have from a rising brand that offers more).

Other than that, this is the kind of getaway I want at the moment. Peace and quite and only leaving the room for the breakfast buffet. Drink a few and chill.


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