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This post is being typed in cafe Coffee Day’s Shenoy’s junction branch but I can’t post it live from there as the cafe doesn’t have a wifi connectivity nor do I have a 2G or 3G USB stick with me.

It seemed like such a bright but not too hot day and with such beautiful sunshine after all that rain in the last few days it seemed like such a shame to spend all of it indoors. Funnily enough, although I had spent all of yesterday inside the apartment and throughout the day the only strenuous thing I did was to go and make a couple of cups of coffee and maybe a cold drink of Tang late in the evening. I had realized that I hadn’t kept up to date with the start of the second season of Stargate : Universe and a quick check let me know that they were 4 episodes into the season. 4 episodes! Yikes, I soon searched for torrent files of the new episodes and started downloading them immediately. This is a really good season and I am obsessed with it, as you can tell with me posting a detailed look at each of the 20 episodes of the 1st season. This along with a few others are the only good ones that I like amongst the latest tv series.

Then there was the 11th & 12th episodes of Caprica. This is a weird format that they are following for their show, much like the creators of the new V reboot series. I don’t know about you but showing 10 episodes, followed by a break of a few months and then the remaining 10 is not my idea of keeping your audience happy. And as in the case of V, 4 episodes, a big break and then the rest. Also why can’t the minimum number of episodes of any good scifi series be 20? I love the Star Trek franchise with their 25-27 episodes per season. So much to look forward to and to share. The Stargate franchise has kept each of their series to 20 per season but that leaves a lot of gap for us fans to wait for. Atlantis was a prime example; although this series was cancelled towards the end of the 5th season, meaning that they had to wrap up the storyline and give the series a conclusion all too quickly.

I loved this series but only came to start watching it as the series was ending. I happened to find the first 3 seasons of the show in a dvd store and bought them on impulse (having never watched the parent series SG 1 but being a big fan of the movie Stargate which I also own on dvd). Within the first episode I fell in love with the show and the characters and the actors who portray them. I did impatiently download the 4th & 5th seasons via Torrent. It was a series which I felt didn’t get it’s due and had a lot of promise. With 20 episodes in each of their 5 seasons of existence, it’s just 100 episodes long. Now compared that to SG1 which had 10 years and twice as many episodes. Now I have only watched the 1st season and about 6 episodes of the second season of SG1 but I prefer Atlantis a whole lot more. Don’t get me wrong, SG1 is an excellent show – it’s just that I love Atlantis a whole lot more.

So it’s much later in the evening now, about 6:30 pm, and I’ve finished watching episodes 12 of Caprica‘s season 1 and episode 2 of Stargate Universe‘s second season. Tonight I will watch episodes 3 & 4. Who needs tv & cable? All I really need is a fast broadband connection and good people around the world who record and upload latest episodes of the best tv series.

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