What’s In A Name

In India there are these first names that are androgynous; it could be for a guy or for a girl. Like Renju for example; alternatively spelled Rinju or Ranju. And I’ve known guys & girls with this name and different spellings. Recently, someone in Twitter had posted that he had attended a wedding where they guy and girl had the same first name Wouldn’t that be confusing? Would you Renju take Renju as you wife? And would you Renju take Renju as your husband?

Sikh Punjabis have this same situation quite a lot. The names Maninder, Gurmeet, Manpreet, Jaspreet, Harpreet are unisex and it’s funny because you might a beautiful, sexy & curvaceous woman with one barclays bridging loan of these names and then you meet a huge, muscle hound bearded bugger the next – with the same name. You quickly forget the image of the sexy lass and get scared out of your wits on seeing the huge dude. I wonder if a male Maninder and a female Manider do get married.

I don’t know if that happens a lot in the Western world. Andrea is a girl’s name in most English speaking nations but in countries like Greece it’s a  manly name. And yes Kelly is one – it sounds so feminine to me but there are guys with that name too! Riley, Reagan are the Of the common names that when shortened can be either sex, that I can think of, you could have a male Pat (Patrick) and a female Pat (Patricia) get together. Or Sam (Samuel & Samantha). Paul & Paula or Pauline are close enough to be similar sounding.

My name can be used for women as well although it is quite rare. Spelled Roshan, although Roshen & Roshin are alternatives, I suppose and I do know a couple of women with the same name as mine but they were much older. I known an Iranian gal named Roshanara which I think is a lovely name and a friend of mine had his baby niece with that name too. Personally I would love to find a woman named Roshan and we both fall in love with each other. And watch the confusion start! Also it would great during sex, as we climax we both yell the same name ~ ROSHAN!

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