What’s In Your Bag?

What’s in your bag?

I carry a bag – a laptop back that is – for work. I don’t have a laptop in it as I am not allowed to carry a personal laptop to work and they don’t give you a laptop at work anyways. Well not for me. But yeah it’s a laptop bag that I sling over my shoulder and take it with me to work and back home.

I have an umbrella in it, cause I live in a tropical climate and we have heavy monsoons and sometimes it rains even in November and early December. A foldable one. I also have a 750ml bottle for water and I keep it next to my work computer at work. I have a couple of notepads and a diary and some pens and markers.

Sometimes I have biscuits or a sandwich or a candy bar or some snack as well. Working odd hours and sometimes stretching for 10-13 hours a day you get hungry. My bag is a little bit dirty and ripped in a couple of places and I will have to replace it someday soon.

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